Lifetime support policy

We guarantee lifetime support for your purchased account.

We only buy the accounts from original owners with full account documentation.

No matter if the account gets hacked, banned on your fault or retrieved by Original owner, we will assist you.


Since January 2018, after a complex discussion with a Law Firm,  we are forced to abandon our previous refund policy for the following reasons:


1. As we offer premium accounts in terms of security, we run a complete investigation of the original owner before buying the account, with his full online history,feedbacks or complains on his name on all internet.

If he is 100% clean, we proceed with the account verification. We make sure it was not retrieved before (if we have any retrieval suspicions, we just cancel the transaction);

If the account is clean, we will buy it with a written statement of sale, where the owner admits he is selling it forever and he's offering a picture of his Identiy Document with the unique purpose of account administration; this paper is dated and signed by the owner at the moment of purchase.

2. After buying it, we sell it to the buyer with this full documentation except the owner identification information, as we keep them for future account administration if it will be needed.

3. This step being followed, the new owner(client) is responsible for the account's safety and for all the actions he takes in-game and IRL regarding the account: sharing it, selling it afterwards or even in-game attitude, etc.

4. We don’t consider ourselves responsible for the fraudulent  actions of retrieving the account by the original owner, but we will always offer a full support in this direction, by talking and contacting the owner with any methods, retrieving attempt of our own, etc.


If the account is not retrievable and the original owner cannot be reached, we offer full support for the buyer to start legal actions against the owner for so called “online fraud”, providing all the needed information, proof of the first transactions, etc.


Our profits on reselling the accounts after all the work put into, stand up for 15-20% profit margin.

We’re able to cover up to 30% of your loss (retrieved account value) only as Store Credits for any future purchases.


We do not want to make any profit on behalf of any thiefs/fraudulent people, but we will not be able to cover anything higher, as it will be unrealistic.





Important NOTES: 


A.  If you purchased an account and suddenly realise you don't like the class, or that you made a wrong choice etc.

We will never offer a refund for that.

The best we can do is to post your account back for sale and share 70% of its selling price to you. So please make sure you make a good decision from the begining.


B.If you, as a buyer, resell the account to another person, the account does not keep it's lifetime support.




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